How can we successfully complete projects without leaving them unfinished?

For businesses, launching a new project, the ultimate expectation is to reap the benefits after the completion of the project.
However, during the execution of the project, numerous challenging issues often arise, leading to subpar project outcomes or even project failure.
What methods are there to ensure the smooth completion of a project?

Our Target Clients

IT or Marketing Company

In order to lighten the workload for your esteemed company and ensure the successful completion of projects, not only can it save on manpower expenses, but it can also enhance the company's revenue.

SME Company

To comprehensively plan projects for your esteemed company, strive to obtain more available resources, and effectively manage projects, all in support of your company's business growth.


To provide you with comprehensive resource support, not only does it relieve you of the hassle of managing the company, but it also enhances the confidence of your customers.

Is your company looking to take on more projects but facing a shortage of manpower?

We have multiple development teams, not only locally in Hong Kong but also in Mainland China and Malaysia. We personally oversee these teams to ensure that projects are completed for your clients within the appropriate budget.

Are you looking to improve your company's business development, but facing resource limitations?

When planning projects, we prioritize considering available external resources, such as government funding, to ensure that projects can contribute to the development of your company’s business while alleviating your burden.

Is your company considering starting a project but concerned about the possibility of it not being successfully completed?

We place great emphasis on project management and conduct risk assessments prior to project initiation. We ensure that the project scope, budget, and timeline are within reasonable parameters before kicking off the project.

Are you considering taking on freelance work but worried about the complexities of reporting and documentation?

We provide project escrow services to ensure that you can receive your freelance income with peace of mind while also enhancing client confidence in your services.

ACEPLAN Services

Project Management

We will manage your project comprehensively to ensure that everything proceeds as expected.

Project Planning

We will start from scratch and conceptualize the entire project for you.

Project Assignment

We welcome freelancers to entrust their projects to us, which will increase your clients' confidence in you.

Outsourced Projects

If we were an IT or marketing company with limited manpower, you could outsource some of the work to us, and we would assist you in completing those tasks.

Fund Application

If you would like to learn more about tips for applying for funding and saving expenses, please feel free to contact us.

Free Consulting Services

You can rely on us to obtain more advice and assistance in accessing resources that may be suitable for your needs, helping you achieve your goals.


As a startup company, we aim to fill the gaps in the market.

The reason for the challenges faced by the IT industry in Hong Kong is not due to a lack of awareness among businesses regarding the importance of information technology.

Indeed, many businesses hesitate to venture into the IT industry due to the perceived high risks involved.

Investing significant resources into starting a project, only to be unable to complete it due to various reasons, can indeed lead to wasted efforts.

We firmly believe that effective project management is the key to addressing the issue of incomplete projects.

Therefore, we aim to provide comprehensive project management services for our clients before everything begins.

We will create a comprehensive plan, strive to acquire resources from various aspects, and minimize potential risks.

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Why choosing ACEPLAN?

Whether it’s small and medium-sized enterprises or government departments, many times the lack of proper project management leads to project cost overruns or incomplete outcomes.

If the importance of project management is recognized from the beginning, many risks can be avoided.

Market Vacancy

Currently, there is a market gap in specialized companies offering IT or marketing project management services. We aim to explore and venture into this new field by trying out new approaches.

Project Management

Ensuring that projects align with your company's current actual needs, rather than simply selling products for the sake of closing deals, is our top priority.

Various Resources

Before the start of each project, we will analyze and research what additional resources are available to help alleviate the burden on your expenses. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective solutions and ensure that you obtain the maximum value from the project.

Risk Analysis

Effective risk management can reduce the uncertainty of a project, resulting in more accurate budget planning and significantly reducing the chances of project failure.

ACEPLAN Collaboration Model


Collaborating with your esteemed company, we form a team that works together from client discussions and planning to execution and completion. Teamwork is at the core of our approach.

Outsourcing Work

Your company can outsource a portion of the work from the projects you have undertaken to us, and we will assign our dedicated team to handle and complete it.

Project Planning

We are ready to collaborate with your esteemed company to plan the entire project from scratch and assist you in applying for government funding to successfully complete the project.

Project Assignment

If you are an employed freelancer, we can entrust the project to you, and we will guarantee the completion of the project, thereby increasing client confidence in you.

Contact Us

Let's begin our collaboration story.

We would like to establish a simple collaboration opportunity with you, with the intention of working together on more significant projects in the future.

Our Thoughts

Creating a world for post-90s generation freelancers

We aspire to provide more opportunities for freelancers to unleash their potential by addressing the industry's shortcomings.

Mitchell Lau
Aceplan Project Limited

ACEPLAN Future Plan

ACE-PLATFORM Project Platform

We aim to create a collaborative platform where our team can take on more business and delegate work to freelancers who collaborate with us.

We will ensure a balance between project growth speed and the recruitment pace of collaborating freelancers, fostering mutual growth.

Dispatch-Based Model

The platform will operate on a dispatch-based collaboration model, ensuring that every collaborating freelancer has a stable workload without the need for competition with others.

AI Budget Evaluation

Clients can submit their requirements through the platform, and AI will assess and provide an estimation based on those requirements. Once the quote is accepted, our team will assign the work to a suitable freelancer who will complete it within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Task Achievement Mechanism

The platform will introduce a gamified achievement mechanism where freelancers can earn achievements by consistently completing tasks, allowing them to increase their earnings for each task.

Project Completion Guarantee Fund

To ensure the smooth completion of all projects, the platform allocates a portion of the earnings as a "project completion fund" to cover any necessary post-project activities.

Disregarding Geographical Limitations

All freelancers are required to complete tasks on time, and there are no geographical restrictions. Even if you are not located in Hong Kong, you can still work remotely.

More Fun Elements

The platform is excited to introduce various new ways to enhance the freelancing experience. In addition to earning income, freelancers will have the opportunity to earn rewards such as flight tickets or hotel accommodations, allowing them to achieve a better work-life balance!

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If you resonate with our philosophy and wish to become a part of our team, we welcome you to reach out to us at any time.

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